Mourinho and Chelsea – The Perfect Recipe

Jose Mourinho may be called the “Special One”, but 2 titles in 3 seasons with a team of Real Madrid’s calibre is perhaps not so special. What all thought was a dream collaboration has turned out to be a bitter nightmare. After tasting European success with FC Porto and Internazionale, the ever-so-controversial manager moved on for the Galacticos. What was on his mind? Well, it’s perhaps not a secret.

No manager had ever won the Champions League thrice with three different teams. With 2 in his closet already, the Portuguese maestro was never going to turn his back when opportunity at Real Madrid beckoned. During his time, he did change a few things. The gestalt of the pecking order of the clubs took a knock as Barça is no longer invincible. Real today stand among the top three teams in Europe and abroad. They now top the Forbes rich-list. But does all this actually matter? The incorrigible optimist Mourinho is, he must be wanting more. More material success. More of silverware.

With his tenure at Real coming to an end, The Special One might head to his special club, Chelsea. In a recent press conference, Mourinho hinted at an England move, stating, “I know that in England I am loved by the fans and the media, who are fair with me. They criticise me when they have to but give me credit when I deserve it.” He added more, creating more controversies. ”I know I am loved by some clubs, especially one, but in Spain it’s a bit different, some people hate me, many of them are in this room [Spanish journalists], so it’s difficult for me because I like the club.”

It is obvious that Mourinho is fond of Chelsea. He loves Stamford Bridge. His relationship with the fans is immaculate. He likes spending money which Roman Abramovich had in abundance. He loved playing strong squads. This squad, mind you, is the strongest Chelsea squad we have ever seen in the past decade or so. Moreover, John Terry adores Mourinho. How often do you get to hear that?! The one thing that may prove to be a let-down is the relationship between Mourinho and Abramovich. Mourinho is a master of his own deeds. He heeds no advice. So, you wonder if the ego problem will spoil the coveted home-coming.

Mourinho’s time at Chelsea is certainly a wonderful memory for both the fans and the man himself. He won the Premier League twice, and established Chelsea as the best club in Britain. He had a few tussles with the English media, who he still loathes. And the feeling’s mutual. But overall, those were one of his best days spent on the touchline. If you look at it from a neural’s perspective, Mourinho will benefit more than Chelsea do. But it’s a win-win situation. Mourinho will be in for his 3rd CL title. Chelsea will become a footballing powerhouse, if not a behemoth.

Mourinho and Chelsea are made for each other. They might prove to be the perfect recipe, but you have to wonder – will the Roman-Mourinho feud be put aside? That, only time will tell.


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