Football is not a game, it’s a religion. A religion we fans blindly follow. Just like Bill Shankly said, it matters more than life and death.

I am Ankush Sharma, one of those nut-cracks who want to make this religion, their profession. Yes! I want to become a Sports Presenter. I’ve been writing about football for Sportskeeda & The Peoples Person and I’m also a start-out YouTuber. You can check out my channel by clicking here.

Confessions of a Footy-holic…” is a blog where I will post my opinions about the beautiful game. Hopefully, it will pave my way into the sports industry and help me achieve my ultimate dream. If you find the content interesting, please make sure you share it with your friends. It helps out a lot!

Keep visiting the blog for more of my stuff. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome. They help me improve, so please keep them coming!


If you want to contact me for any advice, suggestions, appraisal or lambasting; please fill the following form. I will make sure that I reply!


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