Top 5 | Facts about Sunil Chhetri

Did you know that Sunil Chhetri​ has an accolade that surpasses Robin van Persie​ & Thierry Henry​? Here are 5 unique facts about the Indian Football Team​ striker. Prepare to be baffled! ️⚽️😮


COSTA Mental, MARTIAL Sentinel! | Premier League Review

Welcome to ‘Benefit Of Hindsight’; a show I promised to start in the last 2 ANKZMUFC updates. Here I discuss the games I watched over the weekend. This week’s games:

– Chelsea v Arsenal
– Manchester City v West Ham United
– Southampton v Manchester United
– Liverpool v Norwich City

Hope you guys like it!

Indians on Jamie Carragher’s accent!

There are accents where you can’t understand the words and there are accents where you can’t understand the language itself. Jamie Carragher’s accent certainly falls in category two.

We asked a few Indians what language they think Carragher’s speaking. The answers might surprise you!

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INDIANS guess Diego Costa’s Age | Part 1

Diego Costa looks older than he is, true. But, some guesses in this video are downright astonishing. Let’s sincerely hope this doesn’t reach Diego. We don’t want to be slaughtered so early in our lives. Part 2 will be up very soon!

Props to talkSPORT for the idea. They did this first. Check out their amazing YouTube channel here:

Special thanks to my friend Nikhil Gupta for recording. He’s an amazing photographer. Check out some of his best shots: