Bengaluru FC: Rise of a Blue Power!

This was one of the best trips I’ve ever made. Glad to have finally put this video out.

Bengaluru FC have only been around for 3 years, but their fans are already considered one of the best in I-League. We went down to Bangalore for the AFC Cup semis to find out and came back having witnessed the greatest night in #IndianFootball history.

Thank you West Block Blues – Bengaluru FC for the great hospitality. You guys are special!


Superpower Football – My little baby!

ANKZMUFC tv is still very close to me – will soon start uploading on it. It gives me the creative freedom I need, but this is truly the best thing that has happened yet. It deserves each Indian football fan’s subscription!

Superpower Football, FTW! #SPF

EXCLUSIVE with Aaditya Thackeray: Part 1 & 2!


Here’s PART ONE of our candid interview with Mumbai District Football Association – MDFA Chairman Aaditya Thackeray! #INDvPUR

In this part, he talks about how Mumbai finally managed to host it’s first international game after 61 years as Indian Football Team takes on Puerto Rico, what this ground used to look like and how instrumental Mumbai Football Club is. #BackTheBlue



Here’s PART TWO of our exclusive with Mumbai District Football Association – MDFA Chairman Aaditya Thackeray! #INDvPUR

In this part, he (SORT OF) reveals the club he supports apart from Mumbai FC. He tells the secret behind building a football culture from the scratch in other cities. Also, he has a message for Mumbai Football Club’s Yellow Brigade fans! #BackTheBlue

Indians on Jamie Carragher’s accent!

There are accents where you can’t understand the words and there are accents where you can’t understand the language itself. Jamie Carragher’s accent certainly falls in category two.

We asked a few Indians what language they think Carragher’s speaking. The answers might surprise you!

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INDIANS guess Diego Costa’s Age | Part 1

Diego Costa looks older than he is, true. But, some guesses in this video are downright astonishing. Let’s sincerely hope this doesn’t reach Diego. We don’t want to be slaughtered so early in our lives. Part 2 will be up very soon!

Props to talkSPORT for the idea. They did this first. Check out their amazing YouTube channel here:

Special thanks to my friend Nikhil Gupta for recording. He’s an amazing photographer. Check out some of his best shots:

No To Racism | Is Banana The Way Out?


It’s easy for us to just sit back in our armchairs and take selfies with bananas, for it’s the new ‘trend’. But, what exactly does this mean to the people who tackle racism all day? How does the media put a wrong impression on the victim players?

I put my views in. If you’re wondering, then yes, the banana was delicious. Enjoy!

Top 5 players for Barcelona in 2013

5. Francesc Fabregas –

Perhaps the most versatile player on the planet along with Wayne Rooney, Cesc Fabregas has already made 400 appearances for club and country at the age of 26.

The former Arsenal captain started his career with the Catalan giants Barcelona. He was another one of those many extremely prodigious La Masia products, who left the club early to make a name for themselves. At Arsenal, he propelled onto the world stage and tempted his boyhood club to bring him back at Camp Nou.

What sets Fabregas a cut above the rest is his range and flexibility. He plays in the centre of midfield in the absence of Xavi; he plays on the left wing all the time without a hitch and also does a fine job filling Lionel Messi boots upfront when he is absent. The fact that he has scored 8 goals already this season despite playing in midfield attributes his credentials well.

He might be slightly underrated among the fans, but his teammates know exactly what he is capable of. Two desperate failed bids from a club as big as English champions Manchester United duly sum up his reputation in the game. Continue reading

Top 6 Premier League Clubs – The January Shopping List

Admit it, Premier League is not a four-horse-race anymore. With the evolution of teams like Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City, the league is now wide open and is now everyone’s for the taking. But there’s a tad bit that each of these top-6 teams are lacking. With January approaching quick and fast, here are the players they should consider buying. We start off with the champions.

Manchester United – Central Midfielder, Winger

For the past 5 seasons or so, buying a quality central midfielder has been the top-most priority for the champions, but it’s exactly what they fail to do. Given the squad the Red Devils have at their disposal, the mediocrity in the centre of midfield is glaring. With Paul Scholes retiring last season, the weight of midfield was put entirely upon Michael Carrick’s shoulder. The former Spurs’ man, despite his quality, crumbled under the pressure.

Ilkay Gundogan

Tom Cleverley and Anderson are given a wildcard entry into the first team every now and then, but they simply fail to impress. Yes, David Moyes bought Marouanne Fellaini in the summer for $27.5 million, but the performances of the lanky Belgian have proved to be equally lackluster as his midfield counterparts. Given the current state of the squad, former Everton boss needs to make some stern recruitments that can fit straight into the first team.
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Celtic Football Club – The Rise, The Fall & The Reckoning

The Celts gathering themselves before their game against Barcelona

When you talk of the UEFA Champions League, you think of the atmosphere that surrounds the games. And when you think of atmosphere, the Celtic Park will never be far off the reckoning.

If you remember last season’s Champions League, two teams left people awestruck. First being the Bundesliga side Borussia Dortmund and second being the Scottish League Champions Celtic FC. Both of them had an awful lot in common, be it the perpetual writing-off by the experts or their ever-so-noisy boulevards.
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