That moment when Mata scored vs Arsenal…

Who’s the greatest player in the Premier League? It’s Juan, Juan, Juan…


Indians on Jamie Carragher’s accent!

There are accents where you can’t understand the words and there are accents where you can’t understand the language itself. Jamie Carragher’s accent certainly falls in category two.

We asked a few Indians what language they think Carragher’s speaking. The answers might surprise you!

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Radamel Falcao: IN or OUT?

Radamel Falcao is a sweetheart for some United fans but a scoundrel for others. The Old Trafford faithful seem to be divided on the issue and his topsy-turvy form adds more fuel to the debate. Too early to make a solid call, but here’s what I think should be our approach.

Is 3-5-2 LvG’s Masterplan?

Call it LvG’s philosophy or a temporary egress to deal with the injuries, 3-5-2 is killing us. In this video, we will discuss how 3-5-2 has paralyzed us on and off the pitch. Players are either being dropped or played out of position.

We won’t have to make any signings in the transfer market if we start playing our best players in their best positions. Key? Change of formation.

Louis van Gaal: The Right One?


After two and a half decades of unprecedented dominance, Manchester United find themselves at the receiving end of the brutality they were once known for inflicting. Having been paralyzed by pitiful players, atrocious administration and a mediocre management, they stand broken, bereft of European football after 19 years.

Realizing the extent of problems they face, the club decided to bring in a sizeable appointment that lives up to the challenge. Louis van Gaal was recently announced as the next Manchester United manager. 27 days after David Moyes’ sacking, the flamboyant Dutchman was elected unanimously to take charge of the ‘world’s biggest club’.

Having managed clubs like FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich, he presented the 20-time English champions with a CV they couldn’t resist. But is the CV all that Louis van Gaal brings to the table? Nope, there’s more to him.

Van Gaal’s appointment does not only bring the much clichéd ‘top level experience’. His appointment gives United a personality that can help them witness an overhaul in terms of squad and style of play that they have been missing for so long.

What makes him a fitting piece in United’s jigsaw is his affinity towards young players. The Dutchman has been renowned across the world for the players he has developed in his managerial tenures. To name a few; Patrick Kluivert, Dennis Bergkamp, Edwin van der Sar, David Alaba, Toni Kroos and Thomas Muller leaped onto the world stage under his management. Continue reading